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Tip 1: Organization

To the untrained eye, I would not seem organized. But I know that my “clutter” is actually organized chaos. I am by no means the authority on organization, but to be a juggler of many hats, you gotta prep. 6 is in kindergarten and gymnastics. Momma has class three nights a week and a full-time job. And you’d be amazed how just a lil night-before prep will save your sanity.


Night before prep

lunches packed? Check. Clothes laid out? Sometimes. Both backpacks ready to go? Check. Lay out the clothes and leotards and books and shoes the night before, and save yourself from searching for the “pretty pink leotard that has the frills and sparkles!!!” when the bus leaves in 10 minutes.


Another note on organization: LISTS

ohhhhhh how I love me some lists!!!! Just embrace the fact now that you won’t remember. Nope, you won’t remember that PTO money is due Friday and the class party Thursday and the work lunch pitch-in and oh crap, that exam is tomorrow!! Lists are your friend. I love the reminder iPhone app that lets me keep multiple lists and search for keywords. It also lets you set reminder alarms. When you’re a working student momma, this is a must!


pic of iPhone reminder lists

iPhone reminder lists


How do you stay organized? Let me know below! <3, M


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