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Tip 2: You need to eat

Food is a necessary evil. Ya it’s delicious (unless you’re dieting) but it takes prep and time, just like everything else. From home to work to class to gymnastics, I got one word for ya: SNACKS. I always keep my desk stocked with healthy filling snacks like almonds, dried fruit, popcorn, and a jar of peanut butter. I stash fresh fruit and veggies in the work fridge and bring them to class with me. Avoid the drive-thru! It is not your friend. And above all, don’t starve yourself!


Only go shopping once a week

Trust me, I know how hard it is to conceptualize, shop, and prep for dinner 5 nights a week, snacks for class, breakfasts on-the-go, etc. My advice? Pick a day. Pick one day a week to do all your shopping and organize your weekly meals. For me, it’s Monday night. Not as crowded as Sunday. I make a list and have 6 highlight what we get as we go through the store. This keeps her entertained. Also helps her with her reading! (; When we get home, I cut up all the fruits and veggies and put them in Tupperware and/or plastic baggies so that throughout the week I can just grab them and go.


Try some freezer-friendly crockpot recipes

I love meals that allow me to put the raw ingredients in a freezer bag, pop it in the freezer, and throw it in the crockpot in the morning. When you get home after your busy day, dinner’s ready! Here’s a few of my favorites from Kojodesigns:


Mason jars are your friend

I love mason jars. I make oatmeal and fruit mixes in small mason jars for easy grab-and-go breakfasts. They’re convenient, cheap, easy, and nutritious! Check them out here from The Yummy Life:

I also layer salad ingredients in the large mason jars for easy lunches. It’s my favorite way to stay healthy on the go. You put the dressing and veggies in the jar first and lettuce on top. Then, when you’re ready to eat just shake the jar and pour into a bowl! Mason jar salads have really helped me avoid the fast food line. Here are my favorite recipes thanks to Philadelphia Magazine:

It is possible to have a busy life and eat healthy!


container of healthy snacks

travel snacks!


How do you plan your meals? Let me know below! <3, M



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