Month: May 2014

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Tip 6: Make yourself memorable (in a constructive way)

Leave an impressive lasting impression

Be a “Yes!” person

This is a vital tip that I wish someone would have told me earlier in my college career. Make your presence known in a positive way with people that have the ability to be game-changers in your life: your bosses, clients, and professors. You want to be the first name that pops in someone’s head when they have a new exciting project. When you handle that successfully, you’ll show them that you can handle anything. You want to be a “yes” person. Be approachable and ask thoughtful questions when need be while being able to work independently. You show that you are capable of the responsibility while collaborating ideas.


Get to know your professors

As far as professors are concerned, you want to be a frontrunner from day one. This equals better grades. Take advantage of office hours. Take the time to chat with them about different ways to think about the concepts. Professors are a great resource—they can write you recommendations, they have connections, and are often your first resource to professionals in the field. They have the insider info on internships, scholarships, the list goes on. If you have developed an academic relationship with them early on in the semester and they know you on a first-name basis, they are more apt to remember that come grading time. They will remember your thought-provoking question when configuring your participation grade. They will want you to succeed, and will be more willing to work with you later on if something pops up. But the worst thing you can do is disappear in the back and ask for extra credit two days before finals. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

When has it benefited you to be a “yes” person? Let me know below! <3, M